WordPress Page Speed Optimization

WordPress Page Speed Optimization

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Faster page speed for improved ROI

Learn how you can speed up your WordPress website and rank it among the top WordPress websites in the world. Our team will also optimize your website speed and ranking to help you make the most of your hosting service.

Why do you need page speed optimization services?

Speed is everything, your potential customer won’t wait to buy from you with a slow WordPress website. No matter how good the products are, you still have to deal with them. We all know how frustrating it can be to visit a slow WordPress website.

There are many other reasons why you wanna optimize your website speed, including

Increased the Number of Visitors

To ensure a good customer experience, your page needs to be well-optimized. Your visitors will be more likely to visit other content on your site due to the ultra-fast landing. It will encourage them to come back again and again.

Better Ranking

Google Rankings is based on how fast you respond to visitors’ requests through your WordPress website. You are going to enjoy a larger pool of potential customers. And likely to retain those visitors and improve rankings if your site loads quickly.

Maximized ROI (Return of Investment)

Speeding up your website can help drive up conversion rates too. You can lower the load time of your website and help your business thrive. Attract better ROI (Return On Investment) that can benefit your business.

Website speed optimization At Wpwebsitefix.com

Web-optimized for e-commerce

As customers browse through different products, page speed is crucial for online marketplaces. We can help you improve their overall experience by increasing speed, content structure without affecting checkout and cart pages.

Minifying CSS, HTML, and Javascript

What exactly is minifying? When you minify your code, you cut useless data without affecting your process. This can make a difference by removing unneeded characters in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Caching and CDN

Our experienced WordPress team can set up browser caching plugins to speed up your site for paying users. By reducing the distance your content has to travel, a CDN (Content Delivery Network) helps make a site faster.

Image Optimization

Compressing an image only reduces its size. You will not notice a difference in image quality. Visitors can scroll down the page and all your images will load smoothly like butter over a knife.

Plugin Inspection

Many WordPress users install plugins without realizing they need them. We will check each plugin. Remove any WordPress plugins that you don’t need.

Database Optimization

Every piece of information that went through your website ends up in its database. For that reason, it will become cluttered, and sooner rather than later it will affect the performance.

Rank visible content

We will optimize your above-the-fold content by reducing its size (HTML markup, images, CSS, JavaScript), etc.

Each website is unique and requires optimization accordingly. Tell us your business and technology goals for a more personalized experience.

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